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  • Why is it important? What is the role of bearings?

    In order to make the machine run smoothly, what role does the bearing play?   Function 1: Reduce friction and make rotation smoother Friction is bound to occur between the rotating “axis” and the rotating support. Bearings are used between the rotating “shaft” and th...
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  • wheel bearing units installation need to payattention to what?

    Hub bearings for the vehicle is a very important part of the parts, hub bearings in the vehicle to play a role in carrying the body and providing precise guidance for the rotation of the hub, according to the needs of modern vehicles hub bearings are constantly updated, most vehicles on the marke...
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  • Police service sent to the door, anti-fraud propaganda to the company

      8.10, the police came to Zhejiang Jinsai Precision Technology Co., Ltd. to promote telecom anti-fraud, combined with recent typical fraud cases in the local, detailed introduction of common telecom network fraud types, prevention points and coping methods, while leading enterprise employe...
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  • How to check hub bearings?

      When the wheel bearing is seriously worn, the vehicle generally emits a sound like an airplane flying over at high speed. Once the driver hears this sound, he should drop the front and rear doors on both sides of the glass, and pay attention to identify which wheel the sound is coming from...
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  • Zhejiang Kinsey Thailand (Bangkok) auto parts exhibition TAPA trip.

    In order to better serve global customers, Zhejiang Kinsai Precision Technology Co., Ltd. specially participated in the auto parts exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand in April this year. https://www.zjjspthub.com/uploads/8.mp4 The Thailand Auto Parts Exhibition (TAPA) is one of the most influential ...
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  • How to Replace a Wheel Hub Assembly?

    How to Replace a Wheel Hub Assembly?

    When the wheel hub assembly is failing, you will notice a screeching sound coming from the wheel and loose steering. Below are the steps of how to replace a wheel hub assembly: Step 1: Prepare your work area. Make sure the vehicle is on a flat surface, and you have set t...
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