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Zhe jiang Kinsey safety education activities

The protection of employee safety is the responsibility of the factory. Zhejiang Kinsey precision technology co., LTD., this week launched the “safety education” activities, including fire safety drill and training. Help staff and production personnel set up the safety consciousness, safety knowledge, improve the ability selfprotection and self-help.


Production safety training

Training department heads in the safety education, let employees know how to protect yourself in the face of danger. During the work need to be aware of safety factors of production;



The staff fire safety training

In order to protect the safety of the factory, all employees to participate in the fire fighting training, improve overall fire safety awareness. Everybody is responsible for plant safety.


  Fire safety drill
In case a fire occurs in a real practice, how to find a safe exit quickly and quickly escape, how to don’t put the smoke suction organisation.


Learn to use the fire extinguisher

All employees to learn the use of dry powder fire extinguishers. In practice with the skill of fire extinguishing, also for the staff of life safety provided indispensable safeguard.



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Post time: May-05-2023