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Internal card universal joint 5-170X Universal Joints

Short Description:

 Internal card universal joint   5-170X Universal Joints

  • Warranty: 2 Year / 50,000 Km
  • Place of Origin: Haining City,Zhejiang Province,China
  • Size: OEM Standard Size
  • Usage: Aftermarket Replacement
  • Certificate: IATF-16949, ISO9001
  • Material: High Quality 55# Bearing Steel
  • Quality test: 100% test before delivery
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    A universal joint (universal coupling, U-joint, Cardan joint, Spicer or Hardy Spicer joint, or Hooke’s joint) is a joint or coupling connecting rigid rods whose axes are inclined to each other and is commonly used in shafts that transmit rotary motion. It consists of a pair of hinges located close together, oriented at 90° to each other, connected by a cross shaft.



    5-100X 5-324X 5-160X ST1638 GUK-12 GUT-15 GUM-77 GUH-72 1004100131 1217606 77187
    5-101X 5-326X 5-165X ST1639 U447 GUT-16 GUM-78 GUH-73 1114100031 659773 7500602
    5-103X 5-353X 5-170X ST1640 U728/4 GUT-17 GUM-79 GUH-74 304100431 762037 264043
    5-105X 5-438X 5-178X ST1940 U743 GUT-19 GUM-80 GUH-75 3024100031 348472 550612
    5-10X 5-515X 5-188X ST1948 U744 GUT-20 GUM-81 GUH-76 3104100031 231189 365913
    5-111X 5-469X 5-200X SPL140-1X U753 GUT-21 GUM-82 GUIS-51 3124111231 6652586 365901
    5-113X 5-510X 5-2011X SPL170-1X U756 GUT-22 GUM-83 GUIS-52 3854100231 6852612 750613
    5-1200X 5-674X 5-212X SPL250-1X U761 GUT-23 GUM-84 GUIS-54 304102031 189499 264044
    5-1201X 5-675X 5-213X SPL70-1X 5-2002X GUT-24 GUM-85 GUIS-55 3174100131 83453 366441
    5-1203X 5-676X 5-242X SPL90-1X 5-2117X GUT-25 GUM-86 GUIS-56 3374010031 232458 366437
    5-1204X 5-677X 5-243X AP0-10 5-2116X GUN-25 GUM-87 GUIS-57 3374100031 7231265 04371-10011
    5-12062X 5-115X 5-248X AP3-11 5-3000X GUN-26 GUM-88 GUIS-58 3374105031 46240 04371-30011
    5-1206X 5-279X 5-251X AP4-21 5-3014X GUN-27 GUM-89 GUIS-59 304102231 231009 04371-20010
    5-12072X 5-279X-1 5-2532X AP0-35 5-4002X GUN-28 GUM-90 GUIS-60 4100031 2331519 04371-60010
    5-12100X 5-280X 5-260X AP1-00 5-4143X GUN-29 GUM-91 GUIS-61 3174100031 1651032 04371-55011
    5-121X 5-280X-1 5-263X AP2106 5-4123X GUN-30 GUM-92 GUIS-62 3604100232 232540 04371-55020
    5-12213X 5-407X 5-273X AP3506 5-4140X GUN-31 GUM-93 GUIS-63 3604100231 1651229 04371-30020
    5-12219X 5-407X-1 5-275X C01 5-5000X GUN-32 GUM-94 GUIS-64 381400031 1651237 04371-10010
    5-12276X 5-281X 5-297X C737 5-5177X GUN-33 GUM-95 GUIS-65 3814100231 656762 04371-36021
    5-12278X 5-281X-1 5-297X-1 C741 5-5121X GUN-34 GUM-96 GUIS-66 3854100031 87977 04371-35020
    5-12924X 5-124X 5-3011X C770 5-5173X GUN-36 GUM-97 GUIS-67 3354100031 38403 04371-55021
    5-12932X 5-308X 5-3022X C771 5-5802X GUN-38 GUM-98 GUIS-68 3634100631 231311 04371-35030
    5-129X 5-345X 5-3147X CZ-170 5-6000X GUN-41 GUM-99 GUIS-69 6204100131 38464 04371-13020
    5-1300X 5-303X 5-350X CZ-183 5-6106X GUN-43 GUD-81 GUIS-70 3874100031 6638385 04371-04010
    5-1301X 5-356X 5-353X CZ-280 5-6102X GUN-44 GUD-82 GUIS-71 6204100031 6621656 37125-01J25
    5-1306X 5-328X 5-431X GU1000 5-6108X GUN-45 GUD-83 GUIS-72 1123500028 36590 37125-11975
    5-1306X-1 5-329X 5-443X GU1100 5-6109X GUN-46 GUD-84 GUIS-79 1804100331 231626 37125-14627
    5-1309X 5-330X 5-450X GU1210 5-7000X GUN-47 GUD-85 GUS-1 304104831 6621920 37125-18025
    5-1312X 5-331X 5-4X GU200 5-7105X GUN-48 GUD-86 GUS-2 3124111331 232459 39625-21025
    5-134X 5-347X 5-544X GU2000 5-8200X GUMZ-1(5) GUD-87 GUS-6 3224110031 93192570 37125-85461
    5-1500X 5-348X 5-74X GU2050 5-8203X GUMZ-2 GUD-88 GUS-7 3224110131 294380 37125-50001
    5-1501X 5-5154X 5-92X GU2200 5-8105X GUMZ-3(4) GUD-89 GUDUMP-1 3374110031 337058 37125-58026
    5-1502X 5-2031X EG10 GU2300 5-8201X GUMZ-6 GUD-90 GUDUMP-2 3544100131 169144 37125-99901
    5-1503X 5-2033X EG20 GU300 5-8202X GUMZ-7 GUH-61 GUDUMP-3 3854100131 550614 37125-76025
    5-1505X 5-4016X EG30 GU350 5-8500X GUMZ-8 GUH-62 GU2050 3044100031 750610 23020-4101
    5-1506X R220 EG40 GU3500 5-8515X GUMZ-9 GUH-63 GU7430 3614100231 550613 37125-68200
    5-1508X R221 EG50 GU400 5-8516X GUMZ-10 GUH-64 GU7440 3854100531 178258 37125-90128
    5-1509X S-D868 EG60 GU500 5-9000X GUMZ-11 GUH-65 GU3550 3854100731 297563 37125-90027
    5-1510X S-C673 EG60-1 GU500-1 5-9016X GUMZ-12 GUH-66 GU9730 3874100131 750612 48155-99000
    5-1511X S-C674 EG70 GU7420 5-9002X GUM-71 GUH-67 GU8110 3634100031 78060 37125-H8500
    5-1514X UJ480 EG80 GU9730 GUT-11 GUM-72 GUH-68 GU3810 294385 294383 37126-01G25
    5-1516X UJ997 ST1538 GUA-10 GUT-12 GUM-73 GUH-69 GU7560 294385 337059 37125-25025
    5-153X HD205-3 ST1539 GUA-14 GUT-13 GUM-75 GUH-70 GU8130 337060 550613 37125-7F025
    5-155X W-6139 ST1540 GUA-20 GUT-14 GUM-76 GUH-71 GU7530 750614 207563  


    Why choose us:


    1) Factory direct,Original quality, lower price and Fast Delivery;

    2) Good customer service,Fast Reply and fast solution any problem;

    3) Most of items have stock in the warehouse,fast to ship out customer order;

    4) More than 20 years experience in Universal Joints industry;

    5)Experience in exporting to more than 50 countries;

    6)Close to Shanghai & Ningbo Port.




    Q1: What is the production process?
    A: Production process including raw material cutting, machine processing, grinding, accessories cleaning, assemble, cleaning, stoving, oil coating, cover pressing, testing, package.

    Q2. How to control the products quality?
    A: Combining advanced equipment and strict management, we provide high standard and quality bearings for our customers all over the world.

    Q3. What is the transportation?
    A: If small quantity, we suggest to send by express, such as DHL,UPS, TNT FEDEX. If large amount, by air or sea shipping.

    Q4. Can you provide OEM service?
    A: Yes, we provide OEM service. Which means size, quantity, design, packing solution, etc will depend on your requests; and your logo will be customized on our products.

    Q5. Could you tell me the delivery time of your goods?
    A: Generally it is 3-5 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 25-30 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to the quantity.

    Q6. What’s your payment method?
    A: We can accept TT/ West Union/ LC etc.

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